Update - The Linerbag system at Avia Marees is filled with gasoline



Since Q1 of this year the Linerbag system is installed at Avia Marees. The results of this installation are very positive! The Linerbag system continues to function properly, it saves liquids spill and emission free. Following on these positive results, since August this year the Linerbag system is filled with gasoline.
The Linerbag product is filled with a rate of 250 cubic meters gasoline per hour. The overfill protection system has been tested with positive results. The tank is now fully operational and operates excellent.




The Linerbag system is an innovative and patented product. The product is developed by Accede B.V. Fabricom B.V. is worldwide active in selling the product and making it operational.
The Linerbag system is applied in the storage of liquids in tanks. It is able to save liquids, such as gasoline, and it prevents the liquid coming into contact with the steel inner wall and floor of the tank. Therefore, it extends the lifetime of the tank. Besides, liquids are saved without spills and emissions.
Because the bag is prefabricated, less time is needed to install the new system. Besides, a leak detection method between the Linerbag and the floor of the tank will notice significant problems in an early stage. In addition, provisions are made to make the use of measure instruments possible.

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