Giant Offshore substations leave the ENGIE Fabricom yard in Hoboken


Offshore substation for Race Bank wind farm in the UK leaves the port of Antwerp

During March 2017 ENGIE Fabricom provides three substations for Dong Energy.

With the delivery of the Race Bank 1, the Walney 3 and the Walney 4 ENGIE Fabricom has already delivered 19 substations for offshore wind farms in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Great Britain.

Meanwhile, the construction of the Merkur (GE) substation already started and the construction of the substations Hohe See (GE) and Norther (BE) has been awarded to ENGIE Fabricom. We therefore steadily continue to deliver our know-how in the construction of substations for several offshore wind farms in Europe (see below overview).

ENGIE Fabricom expertise in the construction of European offshore wind farms
ENGIE Fabricom consistently proves to be one of the leading players in the European offshore wind industry. We built this expertise with over 30 years’ experience in the construction and assembly of onshore and offshore modules for the oil and gas industry. This expertise and know-how simply could be used to build substations for offshore wind farms as well.

What is an offshore substation and how does it work?
A substation is the central element of an offshore wind farm. It is surrounded by windmills and it is connected via a cable with several strings of windmills in the park. The by the windmills generated power (33 kV) is transported to the substation where it is converted to 220 kV for transportation to onshore via two main cables.

Modular construction
The modular assembly, as performed at the ENGIE Fabricom site in Hoboken, is a safe and cost-effective solution for working in difficult and often extreme conditions. The assembly on site will ensure that the units are built in ideal conditions and in accordance with the strictest quality standards. In addition, thanks to the pre-assembly, offshore activities are limited which increases the safety for the employees and contributes to the instant functioning at location.

Yard in Hoboken
In 1993 ENGIE Fabricom bought a part of the old Boel shipyard to accommodate her "Module Construction Yard”. Ever since, modules for offshore wind farms were built there. With 11.8 hectares the yard is the largest site within ENGIE Fabricom. In the assembly hall, due to the retractable roof, offshore modules can be built to a height of 30m. The yard can build simultaneously 5 to 7 substations. The duration of the construction is on average 20 to 25 months and offers, depending on the stage in the construction project, employment to 200 to 400 people.

 "The Race Bank 1 substation for the Race Bank wind farm in the UK leaves the ENGIE Fabricom yard and sail from Antwerp to Norfolk"