Underground Gas Storage Plants

The underground gas storage market has been growing over the last few years.  Gas consumption has peaks (winter) and valleys (in summer). The major part of the gas supply, however, is constant.
Gas storage can help to ensure that gas is sufficient available when the demand is high.

Gas prices are lower in the summer because there is less demand. Economic it is interesting to buy the gas in the summer, storage it temporarily and use it in the winter, when the gas prices are higher.

Natural gas is stored after it is compressed:

  • either in porous rock formations that are naturally water filled, in which case, it is referred to as “aquifer reservoir” storage, 
  • in caverns leached out of the salt layers, which is called “salt formation” storage, 
  • or in depleted gas formations, where gas is no longer being extracted. 

Fabricom located in Moerdijk has already experience in EPC project new build gas underground storage plants, for example in Epe (Germany) and Zuidbroek (the Netherlands).

Due to our roots in Piping & Mechanical we have a lot of expertise in supply, prefabrication and installation of piping equipment and electricity/instrumentation, civil and commissioning, which is one of the high needed skills for these kinds of projects.